Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's all in Chaos~

I actually got my hands on this terrible set. xD

To be honest, I have never been fond of the set as such. The color scheme is okayish (I prefer green colored camos instead of grey ones) and the set looks darn cute from the back. But the front...

The unbuttoned/zipped coat is just ugly as hell. I swear every time I look at it I see grease stains on the white tank top.

As you can see even my character shows her emotions towards the coat and whinces at having to wear it for this snap shot (l.).

I think the major reason why I dislike this set is because it is a one piecer and just looks aweful. The coat itself might be nifty, but not the pants/boots, etc...

Add the fact that the set itself is crappy compaired to other sets and even offers a shitty defense, I have no wonders why this set has never appealed to me.

I guess the only real reason I have to own it now is for collection purposes and to possibly team up with a friend who also owns it and be all fancy chaos *hurl* coaty together. xD

My personal vote on the fashion of this set: 4/10 In the end its all a thing of taste. I dislike it. D:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Purple Rain~

Purple rain, puuuuuuurple rain~

Hello there guys. Today I will present to you one of my characters. I have this thing going, where I have my main (iBleach) with a huge wardrobe of clothes and dress 'n' pamper her up as I please, whenever I want, and I have my alt characters, which end up staying in the same dumb outfit for all eternity.

First off, instead of presenting my main character, I will present my very first: Bleachman
This guy was my very first and helped me throughout the many paths to discovering the game. When I originally started I wanted to play a gunner soooo badly. Gunners have not been present as such in other games I have played, so I was in the mood for something new.

Over time he developed into a support gunner, with supportive/curative and enhancing skills to top off with some nifty pew pewing (I loved my Crossfire). Eventually, as time passed, I ditched the gunner facade and brought out the true enhancer in him.

It was a pain in the ass to get him up to class 5 enhancement back in the day (as we had to do it with class 5 bless). I dare say he was one of the first class 5 enhancers out there before the large update actually made enhancers more useful.

I used to have a nifty outfit for this guy, he was dressed in greens and blues topped with some blacks and whites. Used the Setanta scarf (while it was still rare...) and some other good looking items to round off a nice look. The only eye stabber was the Clown Mace, which he uses yet today (r.).

Recently we have been given Acadamy sets in the fortune cards and one of these caught my eye. The purple male one. Not to mention that it is perfect for enhancers, it is also rather dashing. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw it was Prince. I can well imagine our royal musician would dare wear such a top garment in modern days. It has class, style and the extra bit that makes it look unique. 'Purple Rain' is a song sung and performed by Prince and well, add it all up yourself how I got to this name. :)

I went for this kind of a 'badass' student look some kids might find appealing. The school outfit + the headphones pretty much offer the base for this look. Add the playful and young looking wings and the dashing and totally 'cool' neckband, we have some high school badass.

I purposely let out the yellow and gold tones as it is only to accentuate the outfit and not contrast within it. Instead I supplied more blacks and whites to offer contrast and let the purple stay as the main foundation for it.

At the moment I have Feathers of Purity on him (the white crescent shaped lines in some pics) and plan to substitue them with Petals of Purity. With this and the snowflake emblem on the front of his blazer, I plan to achieve a 'wintery' glow to the entire outfit.

The Clown Mace is still rather out of picture here, as it jumps into your eye with its bright pink. However, I do think it blends better now as the pink and purple compliment eachother more than pink and green/blue.

That pretty much sums up his nifty outfit. I am kind of glad how far he has developed as a character throughout time. Even if he is now my second choice, he is and will ever remain one of my all time favorite characters in Megaten.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's raining angels, haaallelujah!

It is not heaven on Earth yet, at least not for everybody. :P

I finally got my beloved Black Angel set! This was amongst one of the first sets I ever desired to have when I started megaten and had my first glimpse at the yet to come in jwiki. I was so surprised by this beautiful set and fell in love with it immediately.

Leading the top with Western set and Salon set, this one has been a must have for ages. One of those sets where I am determined to get it, no matter at what cost. Luckily, I got mine for a decent deal. 8mil and some consumables and my old Zero. Might seem rather hefty at first, but in the end it was well worth it. <3 <3 <3

This set also makes the collection from this FC increase to 3/4 sets out there. Next on that list is Demonic Ward set... I am saving my AP for this weekend's usual promo and I hope I get lucky in FC. :P

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Site News

Well, I decided to change the blog's name to Fashionista instead of Fashion Tranny. So the blog's url has changed and I plan to make a new banner to fit soon as well.

I am actually getting another art piece commish soon (I hope), which I plan to use for the new banner. It will be smexy and rather cute. So pelase stay tuned! >:3

I am also considering to have artists at Gaiaonline do some art work for me. I stil have some rares from my old days there, I could probs use them to get more nifty art of my fashionable iBleachie. <3

Also I am getting annoyed with this blog thang a bit. For some odd reason links and used links show up in different colors than I set in. ANd I checked and they are still the way I changed them. ._.
Maybe someone out there will know more? XD

My new clothes~ Such a great day :3

Today (including when I came home at 2am in the morning...) I scored in on some nice extras to my wardrobe. I will list em and tell ya why I like them so much. Guard Uniform (White). I think this was mistranslated as it reminds me more of a secret agent outfit, rather than a guard one.

Regardless, this uniform is actually pretty comfy. Its rather neutral with grey, white and black colors and does not express all too much. I am sad the female version did not get the sunglasses like the mail one. .

I must say, the best part about this set is the pair of pants. I love the cut and the way it looks on my little gal here. If you mess around with the camera, you can clearly see that the pants are pretty tight and still accentuate the feminine curves. :3

Also, I just now noticed, the screenshots I took are rather large. So please bear with me until I find a decent size for them. xD

The second set of the day was my cute and cuddly Acadamy Outfit (r.). I love it. Its such a cute outfit with an awesome color scheme.

Purple is a rare color in clothing in our little world of Megaten and I appreciate being able to have one of the stark purple colored sets out there.

The yellow, white and black of this set offer some nice combo possibilities as well as a way to round it all up. Gotta love variety and colortastical outfits. Its one of the cutest sets out there imo and to top it all off really useful. It buffs up your expertise gain by 15 percent and decreases MP costs as well. Maybe I will be able to get a second set for my male characters as well, it seems to be common enough. <3

The Purple Acadamy set actually inspired me to test my luck again with the FCs, and luck behold, I got White Angel (picture at bottom).

White Angel is, up until now, one of my most favorite sets out there that is available. Its cute, beaufitul and charming all at the same time. A great set to prance around in being pretty. Its just a shame I personally cannot use the set, as it is Mage/Gunner suitable and not meant for melees. I guess I will just have to use it as city clothing instead. :3

Well after a while I started to check the trade lists and started to sell off the endless amounts of commons form the many FCs I played to earn some cash and possibly get some other sets I wanted.

Such an opportunity presented itself and I was able to trade myself another Acadamy Voucher for 5mil and a butt load of consumables. I finally had something decent, which I can use to trade myself another great set.

That actually happened. I was able to trade my second Acadamy Voucher and 2mil Macca for a School Uniform (black) voucher (l.).

Some people say this set (for females) looks utterly disappointing. I, however, must disagree. Its cute, fresh and class (Get the word pun? A school uniform with class? Ha ha!) in addition has an actually, in my opinion, cute skirt design. To top it all off it comes with a great set of glasses, which fit to a lot of different items. Well worth the effort of getting it, if I may say so.

Already thrilled by all these fancy new clothes, testing and trying them out with other clothes of mine, I saw a Moon Bikini (r.) set up for sale in the trade lists. Where I do not necessarily need the set as such, I was still always semi keen on getting one for myself.

I PMed the seller and came to an agreement, and a few Cups, Material Sequencers and Cabs later, I am one Moon Bikini Outfit richer. I do like this set, even though the Wave bikini set is by far more cute. Luckily the girl, who owned the set previously, did not have the headpiece. I was able to knock off some Cabs and Material Sequencers because of the missing part. :3

All in all today was a rather successful day for the Fashion Tranny. I earned a lot of cash off of the commons from my many FC attempts and I scored in on some awesome outfits to add to my wardrobe. I already had to clear some things out onto alts just to keep my main clothes in my 5 Item Depos.

FC Review + FC Rant, RAWR~

Yesterday was the day. The release of the new and beloved Fortune Cards. FCs 09-01-2009
The two cards are not too shabby. The first one is a reused consumable one, always fun for that and then the one I will focus on, 'Great Stuff'.
Great Stuff is literally full of great stuff. Everything there is more than decent and useful in grand ways. I will focus on Great Stuff, as it is the only of the two FCs with new clothing in it. Any I must say, awesome clothes. Let's do this!

Demonic Ward Outfit:
This is a pretty nifty outfit. Offers some nice dark and bright shades of green and blacks. This set might not go all too well with other sets, but some single items and mix 'n' matches should get you a desired outfit. I personally am going to try to get this set, as it offers something my current wardrobe lacks: Green. My personal vote on the appearance of this set would be a solid 7/10.

Angel Outfit, White:
Pretty, handsom, downright awesome, is what pops into my mind when I regard this set. It has a beautiful blend of gold and white colors and the female version even has some bright purple/blue accents to its appearance. This is from this FC my favorite set and I am really glad I received it (eventually...) in the FC. My vote on looks: 10/10

Angel Outfit, Black:
Like the white version of this set, it is a beauty. However, I must say it lacks the extra something. It looks great but is just not too appealing as such, at least in my eyes. I would love to have a version of this set as well, but it is actually not a priority anymore. Compaired to the white set this one lacks a bit. My vote: 9/10.

School Uniform II (Purple/Blue):
I love these sets. The color variation of them rocks, and the purple finally offers a nice and cool color to our apparel. The female tops are almost fullbodies, meaning they cover the top and leg portion of your character, so mix and matches are not too easy to manage with the female sets. The male sets look dashing and I must say, they are after the School Uniform I outfits, the best male student uniforms we have out there. 8/10

Overall rating for this week's FCs: 8.5/10 Not too shabby.

Now to my silly rant. Yesterday I blew up 22k AP into the Great Stuff fortune, hoping for some nifty jazz. Well, blow that. I got nothing but the filler items, which, considering I spent 200$ worth of AP on nothing worthwhile, caused me to get all pissy like a child. I whined, cried and screamed, pouted and ranted. I even made this thread out of the fit, even with some good intentions and a rather decent suggestion.
I personally do not dislike the FC system as it offers the thrill of gambling, but in the end I think people should be rewarded greater than they are. Especially after spending a lot of cash on it. I thought up two easy to implement ways for us to manage a certain fairness for those who spend loads and do not get. I will most likely end up working on my suggestions more and work on some details to make it applyable and more presentable to Aeria.
I later could not resist to try FCing again and I scored on two of the four sets during those tries I had. That and the fast selling fillers actually calmed me down and cheered me up, enabling me to look at it all from a different light. Less green rage and more supportive suggestions is what I will be doing now.

Also a side note: As my blog is new and I want to update it regularily on certain things, I will most likely end up posting more than one entry per day for the first few days until it is settled and I have teh routine I want it to have. So be prepared to look into more entries today, and definately the following days, weeks, months, years?

Anyhow, Cheers~


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Megaten's Summer Love <3

Megaten's Summer Love is an event of mine I came up for our SMT:I community. Its a small event with a story indirectly linked to the events after act 16 in Imagine's storyline. The player is thrown into a series of small events that is shrouded by some secrets and odd incidents.

You meet a young man named Eadred and accompany him in a series of events that leads him to being reunited with his love, Paili. The love story is just a mere side story to the indirectly mentioned story evolving around the unknown group and their demon Lilith. How this will continue to develope... well, stay tuned. I might just continue it in simular events and make our wait for content updates a bit more bearable.

Here is a link to the original thread based on this event. I dubbed it Act: Love, as it is supposed to be a side act occuring after act 16. Megaten's Summer Love
Its a combination of forum based events as well as some in game ones. Unfortunately I was not able to participate (host/moderate) the in game ones as I decided to throw them out there at a time more suitable for the grand part of our community. But from what I hear, the players loved it. <3

Overall I would say the event was a success! A lot of people have thrown praise at me and offered their opions on the whole event as such. Where I am not too fond of how poorly written my story is, with its strange holes in the plot and of course terrible writing style, I would still say I like the overall outcome of it. Inspired by this, I will most likely make more events in this line to fill in some time for all of our Demon Busters out there. <3

Blog's Up and at it!

I finally made it! My own blog! Woot woot! (as if anyone will read it. :P)

This blog will be my little resort to gather my thoughts on various aspects about SMT:Imagine. This includes fashion in game, artsie stuffs drawn and posisbly drawn by me, and my ideas and opinions on certain topics/subjects in our community.

The blog is still under construction, as I am still learning how to use it and how to work on the layout. Its still kind of confusing in some points, though in general it is all rather straight forward. Banners and pictures will be added bit by bit, to make this blog a nice place to look into and to read up on. :)

Anyway, that is all for now. Cheers and I hope you read from me soon. ;D